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About Us

Julie Odwell is founder of Stationery Zone which is home to My Town Local Magazine and website
Julie Odwell About Us

Hi, I'm Julie Odwell, proprietor of Stationery Zone (Home to My Town Local Magazine). 
I started my stationery business in November 2003 on Margate High Street. Shortly after opening my shop, I realised that advertising and marketing my business were both essential and very expensive and something that I must do on a continual basis. It made me realise that there were other businesses in the same situation as me. Having looked at the various ways I could advertise and the different mediums available, I was convinced that “Local Advertising” doesn't have to be expensive.

After extensive market research and listening to other retailers and small businesses here in Thanet, we launched Ad-Venture Magazine with the aim of offering a low cost solution for advertising local businesses.

We launched Ad-Venture Magazine in Thanet in May 2006 and in Herne Bay and Whitstable in May 2011.
In August 2014 we rebranded Ad-Venture Magazine, we gave it a new look and a new name. We felt we had to have a greater emphasis on supporting and promoting Local Businesses and Retailers and offering our readers a truly “Local experience” so we chose “My Town Local”. Then in October 2016 our Black & White magazine became Full Colour. We complement our publication with this website, which includes a Local Business Directory in which we offer a FREE LISTING to anyone running a Local Business, 

CLICK HERE to submit your business now, go ahead, its FREE!

THE NEXT CHAPTER: In February 2019 we made the difficult decision to close our physical shop on the High Street and continue to operate as a business online. Stationery Zone still exists as a business which means you can still get in contact with us as before. My Town Local Magazine is still growing even more and we continue to produce, print and publish our magazine every month. We remain passionate in all that we do and supporting our local areas and the businesses that make up our communities. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and contact me, all the best.  

UPDATE - November 2022:  After many years of producing both Thanet and Herne Bay/Whitstable My Town Local Magazines, we are now announcing our latest addition! "CANTERBURY" Out now and available at participating outlets. If you are interested in being included in our future editions then please contact me on 07956  420838 and book your space.

Stationery Zone is home to My Town Local Magazine:

Contact Us At:

Telephone: 07956 420838


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